Country shows

One of the fun things about living here in Suffolk is the country shows. There are so many that you can find one to go to at least once a month and often more frequently than that! The next one we are going to is the Elveden Country Show – they advertise it as being ‘quintessentially English’, which seems to mean everything rural and from past times (but brought into the here and now!). There is so much to see and do around Greenacre Lodge, you will never be bored on your holiday!

It’s summer!

Everything is growing now at Greenacre Lodge – strawberries are ripening, gooseberries are getting bigger, the herb bed is overflowing and the chicks are double the size they were two weeks ago! The veg patch is looking great and the figs are big and juicy this year – the first year we’ve got the pruning right maybe! Our plum and greengage trees were pruned hard this spring and so far don’t show any signs of fruiting but the apples and cherries are doing well. 


Our garden at Greenacre House is looking beautiful at the moment and when you stay at Greenacre Lodge, it’s all yours to share and explore. This is just a small selection of the fantastic flowers on show this weekend. Soon the vegetables will become the stars of the show and we are happy to share these with our guests too. 

The chicks…

…are growing! If you haven’t seen our Facebook page, you might have missed the birth of three tiny chicks at Greenacre Lodge. They are just over a week old and already they are out in the hen house, finding their feet. They have more than tripled in size in that time and already are developing their wing feathers. Because their daddy is a beautiful big Brahma cockerel, they already have feathers on their legs and feet. We haven’t named them so pop over to our Facebook site Suffolk Holidays Greenacre Lodge to give us some suggestions! Bear in mind that we don’t know if they are boys or girls yet!