Next painting

I shared my hare painting with you at various stages and now I’m starting on a fox picture. Both these paintings are focusing on the eyes of the animal – it is the eyes that can make the painting look real so they make a fascinating thing to study as I paint. The fox is at the very first stage where I put in the basic shading of the fur but you can already see how important the eyes will be to make the painting seem alive. Watch this space for the various stages of painting!

Suffolk village, Hinderclay

We live in a wonderful, peaceful village in north Suffolk, situated just at the start of the Waveney Valley. We are 45 minutes from both Norwich and Cambridge if you fancy shopping or sightseeing. A day trip to London will take just an hour and a half from Diss station. Locally, you can walk, fish, birdwatch, eat, play – there’s so much to do that a week’s holiday will never be long enough! And if it’s just peace and quiet you want, just relax on the decking in your own private garden, where most of the time, all you will be able to hear is birdsong! Irresistible!

Beautiful day!

The garden is looking great at Greenacre Lodge – the early summer flowers are blooming.  



A few weeks ago, I shared a half finished painting of a hare with you all. Greenacre Lodge is an inspiring place for painters and photographers, surrounded as it is with beautiful countryside, wildlife of all sorts and rural lifestyles. Yesterday I finished the hare and made a start on a fox – I’m trying to focus on the look in the eyes of the animals! As a painting beginner, I’m never satisfied with the end result but always hoping each one will be better than the last!

Visit Norwich…

We’ve just got back from a visit to the Norwich Playhouse, a lovely little theatre and just one of a few arts centres in the lovely old town of Norwich. Staying at Greenacre Lodge will mean that you are 45 minutes from a great day out, sightseeing, shopping, eating and culture. What did we see? A play specially commissioned by the YMCA, about the life of George Williams, founder of the YMCA, an organisation which has lives for the last 172 years. Great!

Suffolk Walking Festival

If you like walking, you should check out Suffolk Walking Festival. It’s a brilliantly organised set of walks over a couple of weeks. There is a full website to help you plan your days.

A sunny day out. 

Today we visited the most beautiful National Trust house, Oxburgh House in Norfolk. It was a lovely 40 minute drive from Greenacre Lodge through Knettishall Heath and then Thetford Forest. The house and grounds were easy to manage with both a wheelchair and pushchair. It was a great day out in the sun!