Hinderclay Church

This is Hinderclay church, where services are held at least twice a month. You can find out more at this address www.hinderclaychurch.org.uk

The church has amazing modern stained glass windows which are worth a visit all for themselves! You can find the bell ringers there most Mondays, sounding out a tune (do you call it that in bell ringing??) and they are always looking for new recruits – perhaps you are a bell ringer and you want to keep your hand in even when you are on holiday? We have an amazing flower festival in June each year where the flower fairies (sorry, villagers!) follow a theme to design their flower arrangements around. This year it was favourite tunes and there were a huge variety of songs and interpretations! Included were some beautiful old pictures of school classes, village people from long ago and more recently and some brilliant wedding pictures!

The church yard is still in use for burials but if you are interested in grave stones and who lies beneath, you can find some really historical ones in this church yard. Come along for a visit, the church is open daily for you to look round, sit quietly or enjoy the time spent with God.

Summer harvest

Our latest crop to be harvested is our redcurrants – over 6lbs from two bushes! At least this year, the birds left them alone before we actually managed to pick them.  The best way to preserve redcurrants is to make a jelly from them which is simple to do. Redcurrants are high in pectin so the jelly sets beautifully with no extra effort and it is a wonderful, jewel like red in colour, crystal clear and really tasty. There were too many redcurrants to make cook them all on one day, so the rest were frozen on trays initially and then separated into bags for future cooking forays! There were a number of pudding and cake recipes that contained redcurrants so all we have to do now is remember they are in the freezer to be used!